OpenLaw is a ConsenSys spoke that is building next generation smart legal agreements. We’re using blockchain technology to reimagine the future of commerce and the $160 billion transactional legal market.

About Us:

At its core, OpenLaw is a multi-module blockchain-based protocol and markup language to prepare, manage, and execute smart legal agreements. Using the OpenLaw protocol, you can seamlessly execute a range of commercial transactions by generating binding natural-language agreements, storing the signed contracts on a blockchain, and having those agreements interact with smart contracts written in code.

OpenLaw is a remote-first organization with team members distributed across the globe, and we are committed to building both our team and our software in a thoughtful, inclusive, and sustainable fashion.

For this role, we will be looking for people with high levels of emotional intelligence who are also intellectually curious, always being professional, dynamic in conversation, charismatic, and persuasive. You must be able to ask specific yet articulate questions, quickly synthesize insights from patterns in conversation, and reflect back the key points from a conversation in order to get alignment, commitments, and lay out next steps.


  • Time management and complete control over designated calendars, including coordinating, scheduling, tracking, arranging and reminding of internal/external meetings.
  • Coordinating with other partners and team members special meetings/functions
  • Taking ownership of the interview processes. OpenLaw is now in high-growth mode and hiring super fast.
  • Event Production and Event Support: parties, roundtables and conferences
  • Inbox management - do you know how to write in someone else’s voice? Do you know what gmail filters are or what the archive button means? Do you know how to get an overworked person to answer an important email on a Saturday night?
  • Make “face time” with your colleagues across a remote team. Knowing your colleagues super well will be invaluable to your work.

Desired Skills:

  • Highly experienced with Google Docs, Slack, Trello and other modern workplace software (and can pick up new tools rapidly)
  • Experience working with a distributed team across many timezones
  • Excellent at anticipating needs
  • Resourceful self-starter, who can see the big picture
  • Impressive organizational skills
  • Focused, persistent & scrupulous about details
  • Always discreet
  • Excellent communication/writing skills
  • Integrity - You always do what you say you will do
  • Kind, curious, empathetic and thoughtful

At OpenLaw we enjoy an open and inclusive culture, competitive benefits, and the freedom to explore and experiment. We are always iterating and improving our work, the culture, and ourselves.